WITH five children to look after, Jodie Frankum needs more support than some mums.

And as most of her children have health problems, she and her husband Kevin often have to travel from their home in Didcot to Oxford Children’s Hospital.

Son Brendon, eight, is autistic, son Tye, is two and has hearing problems, daughter Kacey, 19 months, has club feet, while 13-week-old Tommy was born prematurely and may need surgery on his nose.

“I spent most of half-term at the hospital,” said Mrs Frankum, 32, who also has a seven-year-old daughter called Leah.

She has asked for the help of town charity group the Thong Rangers, which helps local families in need, and it has agreed to stage a special fundraiser.

The group’s leader Clifford Oakes has arranged the fundraising day for Saturday, May 10. Binman Mr Oakes, who lives in Didcot, said he and his fellow rangers would be making four 2.5-mile circuits of Didcot carrying 10ft garden sleepers weighing about 100lb each.

As they journey around the town, rangerettes will shake buckets to collect cash from drivers and passers-by.

Mr Oakes said: “Jodie and Kevin have five children and some of them have health problems so we wanted to help.

“We will start the 2.5-mile laps at 10.30am from Cow Lane Bridge, with two guys to a sleeper but I am going to try to carry one on my own.”

Mrs Frankum added: “If the Thong Rangers raise money for us we will spend it on sensory equipment and toys for the children and hopefully that will make life a bit easier.”