RESIDENTS are being reminded that the deadline for consultation on the redrawing of an ancient boundary in the Wallingford area is the end of May.

There are about 200 homes in Winterbrook, currently part of Cholsey, and Wallingford Town Council says the area should be incorporated into the town as boundaries are redrawn as part of a review by South Oxfordshire District Council.

Wallingford Mayor Bernard Stone said: “I would like to see this go through.

“I live in Winterbrook and all the people around me go into Wallingford for their shopping, the theatre, or to use the Regal Centre.

“Over the last 18 months the Boundary Commission has been looking at boundaries for district council and county council elections.

“It is proposing to change the boundaries so that Winterbrook is in Wallingford, so it would be an anomaly if there is no change.

“People in Cholsey who are opposed to this make the point that the boundaries have been like this since Saxon times, but the fact you are changing a boundary does not alter history.”

Cholsey Parish Council chairman Mark Gray said earlier that the town council wanted Winterbrook to be part of the town to boost council tax income, and the village is fighting the move.

The final decision will be made in July.