EVERY morning, the entrance to Witney Community Primary School in Hailey Road is usually cluttered with cars as parents drop off their children.

Normally the school’s 200 pupils arrive for classes with as many as 50 cars clogging up the nearby roads.

But on Wednesday there wasn’t a vehicle in sight as more than 50 children arrived in a “walking bus”.

It was the launch of a scheme to promote walking, cycling or scootering to school.

Headteacher Jill Meyer-Young said: “It was very strange because it was completely empty of cars.

“We have issues with blocking driveways and there’s always the risk that someone reversing could knock over a child. We’ve never had an accident but we wanted to make it safer.”

The school travel and road safety team, made up of 10 pupils, came up with the idea after concerns about too many cars parking in the area.

And Standlake protective equipment manufacturer JSP provided 10 yellow cones that will be used to stop cars parking in certain areas.

Pupil Ruby Clarke, eight, said: “We want to stop parents parking their cars at the school to make children walk because it is healthy and helps the environment.

“It seemed to be popular with everyone.”

From 8.30am each day, parents and staff will collect pupils from the nearby Londis Store in Hailey Road.

They will then take them to the school wearing high-visibility jackets.