A TOURIST attraction is being urged to give up two pigs donated by David Cameron because of their “unstimulating environment”.

A petition is calling on Witney’s Cogges Manor Farm to let go of Florence and Nancy, named after the Prime Minister and Witney MP’s daughters.

The Oxford Sandy and Black piglets live in a pigsty to meet laws about the farm’s status as a scheduled ancient monument.

Museum staff said they cannot let the pigs roam the grass as they could uncover and damage artefacts, contravening heritage laws.

A petition at change.org – which has 34 signatures – says they are in “concrete pens” and have “little in the way of stimulation”. It says: “We believe it was irresponsible of Cogges to accept these two young pigs knowing that they would never be able to roam free around the many acres of green fields surrounding this farm.”

Cogges chairman of trustees Judy Niner said it had consulted a vet, trading standards and pig farmers, who raised no concerns.

She said: “Obviously we understand that people have different views on aspects of animal welfare, and the welfare of our animals is incredibly important to us.

"All the advice we have taken says that these piglets are being kept in very good housing, they have plenty of space, their bedding is changed and added to regularly, they have logs and straw and balls that their food is put in so they can play. They are very content.

“None of our visitors have raised any concerns about this.”

The pigs could only be let out if their noses were ringed to stop them rooting, a practice the RSPCA condemns.

The RSPCA would not comment on the pigs’ welfare as it is not involved in the case.

When Mr Cameron visited the farm to donate the piglets he said: “I am sure the piglets will be very happy in their new home and I will continue to do everything I can to support Cogges.”