KNITTING is normally seen as a relaxing way to make pretty jumpers and scarves.

But the residents of Thrupp have taken the hobby to a whole new level to raise awareness of speeding.

On Saturday they proudly presented their creations, including a woolly speed camera and a knitted 20mph limit sign.

Mum-of-two Jane Rouse said: “Thrupp is a really small place but we have had a lot of people coming to the pub or the tea room who have been driving through quite fast.

“An animal has died and someone was also clipped on their bike, so we just wanted to raise awareness of the problem in a fun way. Our slogan is ‘Thrupp welcomes careful knitters and drivers’. We have also been handing out leaflets to drivers.

“The idea is to get people to slow down a bit and help keep our kids and pets safe.

“Everybody had a good time, it was a really nice activity for residents to do together.”

Ms Rouse, who lives in the hamlet with sons Wilfred, 15, and Sylvester, 12, said that the knitting group had started when she and another woman started meeting in the pub.

She said: “We take over the back room and get quite a few people turning up now every week, including men and children.”

The knitting group meets in the Boat Inn on Tuesdays, from 7pm.