CYCLISTS in Eynsham were given peace of mind after police marked their bikes for security.

Bikes had post codes etched on to them.

The marks can now be detected using UV lights to trace them, should the cycles get stolen. Police helped residents as part of a community open day in Eynsham Village Hall on Saturday.

It included dozens of groups and charities showcasing what they were do in the village.

Six-year-old Caleb Schofield-Linnell, from Eynsham, got his red bike marked with his parents Steven and Melissa, and brother Jasper, nine.

Caleb said: “I got it for Christmas and I don’t want it to get stolen. Seeing the firemen and the policemen was my favourite part.”

His mum Melissa said: “We cycle a lot as a family and we leave them in Oxford – we know others have had there’s stolen so we wanted peace of mind.”

The GreenTEA environmental group, Eynsham Pre-School, St Leonard’s Church and Eynsham Baptist Church showcased their work. There was also morris dancing, charity car wash and sports activities.