MOVING house can be daunting but for Jason and Jessica Powell, starting their new life will be a journey of a lifetime.

After deciding to relocate to Australia, the daring couple have begun to cycle half way around the world, embarking upon a year-long adventure yesterday.

Having dreamt of the move since meeting in 2008, the two PE teachers have left their Stonesfield home to undertake the daily 60-mile trek towards the southern continent.

Mr Powell, 36, said: “My wife is Australian and we were going to move to Australia anyway. We thought it would be a nice thing to cycle there and see the world. We’re very excited. We’re going to have a life of freedom and see the world on our bikes.”

Before venturing across Europe and Asia, the pair began their journey cycling to the South East coast.

Armed with their trusty bikes, Hobo, a Cinelli Hobo, and Betty, a Dawes Galaxy Classic, they will cross the English Channel by ferry.

The duo already cycle up to 30 miles each day but this is their first year-long cycle challenge. Mr Powell said: “Recently we have been going on bicycle rides with all our kit to get used to carrying everything.”

While they have prepared for the trip for more than a year, the entire course is still undecided as the couple enjoy the spontaneity of planning each day as it comes. Travel plans have also halted at Turkey as the pair are unsure whether to cycle through nearby Iran.

Despite this, Mrs Powell said she was especially looking forward to the sights of Vietnam.

The couple, who will celebrate their second wedding anniversary this August, left their London teaching jobs and sold their Church Street home in time for the journey.

Mrs Powell added: “I’m excited and I think it’s going to be a good adventure. I’m looking forward to being around my family again.”

Eager to share their travelling news, the pair will inform readers of their overseas adventures on their cycling blog.

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