IT is normally pints of semi-skimmed that milkman dole out. But for John Millington, it’s blood that really is his speciality.

For almost 40 years he has been popping down to sessions to donate his blood.

Now, the Dairy Crest milkman is celebrating after giving 100 pints since 1976 – a milestone few ever manage to achieve.

Mr Millington, 64, said he hopes more people will follow in his footsteps.

He said: “They are screaming out for more donors, especially at this time of year as regular donors can be away on holiday.

“There’s nothing to really think about when you go. You get a nice cup of tea and a biscuit and a nice nurse to look after you.”

Mr Millington – who has been a milkman for 28 years – began donating blood when his first wife Linda persuaded him to drop by the Tesco where she worked, which was holding a donation session.

He said: “I went along for support really but I really do like to do my bit for society.”

Now married to second wife Penny, the dad-of-two and grandad-of-four from his first marriage, added: “Myself and both my wives have needed blood transfusions so it is like I have been giving back.”

When Mr Millington was a child he was in a bicycle accident that saw him rushed to hospital.

The resident of Mountfield Road, Witney, who works out of the depot in Oxford’s Abingdon Road, explained: “Luckily, because of the advancements they had made in the Second World War, I did not lose my arm. It probably would have had to be amputated at another time.

“But they patched me up okay. I was in intensive care for four or five days, so I do feel like I am doing my bit after that.”

Mr Millington has type O positive blood, which is able to be used in emergency transfusions no matter which blood type the recipient is.

He marked his century landmark donation on Tuesday, February 4, and has now been awarded a special certificate for his efforts.

Mr Millington said: “I’m just going to keep on going until I can’t do it anymore.

“Because of the hours I work I am lucky in that I can get to most sessions.”

Only four per cent of people in the UK regularly give blood and, of those, fewer than one per cent reach the landmark 100 pints.

Dominic Sutherland, lead donor relations manager for the region at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We are grateful to Mr Millington for every single donation he has given. We hope his achievement inspires other donors to keep giving regularly.

“New donors are also needed, especially young people, and we urge people to give it a try – each donation can potentially save the lives of three adults or seven babies.”

Mr Millington will also be honoured for his feat at a ceremony in September.

Jason Segrott, Oxford depot manager, said: “All of us at the Oxford depot are proud of John’s achievement. “Our milkmen play an important role in the local community. John goes above and beyond to help his customers and always conducts himself in a professional but always cheerful manner.”

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