THEY’RE two-and-a-half metres long now but they’re only 20 years old and they still have a lot of growing to do.

Three Saltwater crocodiles, the largest living reptiles on earth, are the newest arrivals at Witney’s Crocodiles of the World. Males can reach 6ft long, females slightly less than that.

Owner Shaun Foggett has never before kept the species, which is native to Asia and Australasia. The crocs came from French zoo Alligator Bay, in Normandy, and arrived on Tuesday.

Mr Foggett, 34, said: “We have contact with most of the crocodile zoos in Europe and when animals become available they contact other zoos to see if they can house them.”

His three new arrivals are all females, so now the search is on for a male so the breeding can begin.

Saltwater Crocs also happen to be one of the most aggressive crocodilians and, being the largest repitle on the planet, that makes them a force to be reckoned with. But, he said, so far the ladies are getting on “absolutely fine”.

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