WOLVERCOTE businessman Carl Keeble lost his flowing locks of hair for charity on Saturday.

Mr Keeble, who runs the Post Box, in Godstow Road, was raising money for Oxford-based hospice Sobell House and for Cancer Research UK.

He said: “I have been a part of this village for many years and having a shop means I get to know people very well. It’s a wonderful job I have and I love it, but it has its downside.

“So many times I have been brought the news of people, who I know from using my shop, getting or dying of cancer.

“My son has now been to more funerals for our friends in the village than for family, because these people are family to us.

“I adore my hair and have had it long for as long as I can remember, but I gladly lost it to gain more funding to fight cancer.”

It is not yet known how much money was raised.

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