THERE has been a spike in scam calls in Bicester, as three people nearly became victims of fraud.

Three people from the Bicester area all received suspicious calls yesterday, where the caller claimed to be working for the police, a bank or a fraud investigation company.

The caller said that they had two men in custody that have a diary in their possession, which contains details of the victim’s credit card which has been used fraudulently.

The vicitm is then usually advised to call the bank, but when they disconnect the phone and dial their bank or police, the fraudster has kept the telephone line open so the victim is still on the phone to the fraudster.

They are then asked to either say or key in their pin, before telling them their card will be collected and a replacement delivered.

A courier is sent to collect the card from the victim, and a replacement is delivered at the same time, which is not a genuine bank card.

In all three of the recent scam calls the victims hung up and notified the police before any fraud could take place.

Police are asking residents to be cautious and to immediately report any suspicious phone calls requesting bank and card details.

Investigating officer Tim Salter said: “We have had three incidents in the space of one day and would urge local residents to please share our crime prevention advice with their friends, family and vulnerable members of the community.”


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