FOR most nine-year-olds, all they have to worry about is homework.

But for Georgia Knowlden, there is something else that plays on her mind.

Her mum, Lara, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two years ago after it spread to her lymph nodes.

On Sunday, July 13, she will run the 5km Race for Life through Oxford University Parks to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

This is not the first time Georgia has run the race, having raised more than £2,000 in sponsorship for last year’s event.

Georgia, a pupil at Oxford High School’s junior school, said: “I want to beat cancer because so far what Cancer Research UK has done is amazing and mum is getting amazing treatment.

“I just want to make it better and do my bit by running.”

The Henry Street, West Oxford resident said: “I’ve met so many people who have it and it’s so hard because mum’s had it for ages now and and it’s not nice at all.

“I want to get the cure for it, or even if we can’t get the cure then make treatment better to make it go sooner.”

Her mother is currently undergoing her third bout of chemotherapy at Headington’s Churchill Hospital.

The Oxford Times:

Lara Knowlden

Mrs Knowlden, 46, said: “She’s been raising money throughout the year. It’s her way of coping with it.

“She was seven when I was diagnosed which is very young. In the last year she’s become quite obsessed with fundraising.

“It’s very empowering to feel she is doing her bit and she feels very reassured by it.”

Mrs Knowlden, married to construction director Mark, said: “It’s a massive help, which is why I want to help her anyway I can.”

With 10 friends, Georgia is hoping to raise as much as she can through coffee mornings and cake sales as well as sponsorship.

They are nicknamed The Puppy Crew because they all love dogs and have raised £150 of a £250 sponsorship target.

Mrs Knowlden said: “We’re trying to get as much as possible but it will be quite hard to get anything like £2,000 this year.

“It just snowballed last year, I think because everyone was very impressed that she was doing it.

“I’m worried about going back to the same people again this year, so I hope she’s not disappointed by the amount raised.”

Last year, 6,165 women took part in Oxford’s Race for Life and raised more than £362,500.

This year, organisers need 6,300 women and girls to take part to help raise almost £371,000.

  • To sign up for the race visit or call 0845 600 6050.
  • To sponsor The Puppy Crew, go to