BEN Blakeley relived the night he killed Jayden Parkinson at Oxford Crown Court today. 

But he denied being a 'real killer', saying: "I have met them and I’m not like them."

Blakeley, 22, from Didcot, said he put his hands around 17-year-old Jayden’s neck during an argument on December 3 “to make her answer to me”.

The argument, he says, took place on a wooden footbridge over a stream in fields south of Didcot which the jury visited this morning.

Prosecutor Richard Latham said: "You regularly lose your temper with women don’t you? You get mad with them, you resort to physical violence."

Blakeley, who denies murder but has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, replied: "Normally it just leaves a red mark or a bruise or something. I didn't understand what had happened."

Mr Latham responded: "You throttled the life out of her and you knew what you were doing at the time even if you were in a temper."

Blakeley, who was living in Reading at the time of his arrest, said: "I said ‘tell me’ twice, and it seemed like she stood backwards."

He said Jayden fell to the ground and was still making noises on the floor until he pressed on her chest in an attempt to resuscitate her.

He then described how he hauled the teenager’s body up, hooking his arms under hers, and walked her backwards with it to the other side of the bridge.

He then hid Jayden’s body about two feet from the bridge under some branches.

Mr Latham asked Blakeley: "Did you lose your temper or did you do it in cold blood?"

Blakeley said: "I’m not a real killer, I have met them and I’m not like them."

A 17-year-old, whose identity is legally protected until he is 18, admits perverting the course of justice in the case but denies preventing a lawful burial.