THE 'James Bond' of nurseries has been unveiled in North Oxford complete with fingerprint entry systems, a full-time chef and a roof that changes colour with the seasons.

The £1.7m Bainton Road Nursery was officially opened last week by St John's College, which hopes it would free up childcare places elsewhere in the city.

It is packed with unique features and there is even a secret garden with a mini amphitheatre outside and a cinema room inside.

Parents, nursery staff and members of the college celebrated its official opening on Friday, three months after it started accepting youngsters.

Unveiling a plaque at the nursery Dr Genevieve Davies, a former student at St John's, said: "It's the James Bond of nurseries, and the children may never have it this good again.

"I love the way it backs on to the playing fields here, it's a great facility and I wish nothing but happiness on everyone involved with the nursery in the future."

A place at the North Oxford nursery is exclusively for children of staff who work at the college or at Oxford University – and it will cost them £287.50 a week.

The college's president professor Maggie Snowling said the state-of-the-art set up would make it easier for women – and men – in their careers.

She said: "It has long been an issue for women and in more recent years men – and parents can find it hard to focus on their careers if they are worried about their child's wellbeing when they are at work.

"With the nursery we can offer somewhere that will be the best for their child's development."

Nursery manager Marie Gaughan said: "The staff are all really passionate and enthusiastic and the children seem to love it here.

"We carry out home visits before they join so they get to know the staff and it's not all too much on their first day."

The roof skylights are 'utterly unique' according to architect Nick Bradley and real leaves are used in the glass wall of a room for under-twos to make it translucent.

A full-time chef works on site to deliver all the youngsters' nutritional requirements on a daily basis.

Both of Justyna Rutkowska's children, her daughter Zosia and son Kuba, have been at the nursery since its first day.

The journalist's husband Chris Dzieciolowski is a fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Green Templeton College and the couple live near the nursery.

She said: "It's a brilliant facility it's like the Hilton of nurseries, but the most important thing is the kids love it here.

"There were sad faces on the first few days but they enjoy coming to nursery every day.

"They were at the Bright Horizons nursery in Waterways so I guess it has freed up two places there too."