A NEW colourful fleet of buses lined up together yesterday at the Oxford Bus Company depot.

Orange buses for the city8 service to Barton and yellow city3 buses to Rose Hill and Littlemore have been added leaving a ‘route branding’ project close to completion.

Only the Oxford to Abingdon buses are yet to be added to the network.

The buses meet the highest Euro 6 Standard when it comes to low emissions.

Managing director, Phil Southall, said: “We wanted to make all our services instantly identifiable to make it easier for passengers to see their bus, especially at a long distance or for those with vision impairment.

“They are also the greenest money can buy.

He added: “In the nitrogen oxide emissions from just one of these buses is less than that of many modern diesel cars - when you consider that on an ‘emissions per passenger’ basis, you can see just how big a step forward this is.”