A bumper total of more than £900 was raised for Bampton pensioners at this year’s Josie’s Raffle, writes David Horne.

More than 100 people turned out to support the annual event, organised by villager Josie Buckingham at The Horseshoes pub on the Friday before Remembrance Day – a date fixed in the Bampton events calendar.

This year’s marked the 25th anniversary of the raffles, which have brought in about £13,000 to put into funds raised by SPAJERS, Bampton’s Society for the Preservation of Ancient Junketing.

Long-time SPAJER Don Rouse said they now hoped, as last year, to be able to give a £20 Christmas gift to all 434 pensioners in the village.

Josie, of Weald Street, Bampton, is also a member of the oddly-named village institution, which also organises four day trips a year to the seaside.