With their mouths taped up, these Oxford University Students got shoppers staring as they highlighted the plight of Palestinian political prisoner Khader Adnan.

The 33-year-old maths graduate, who runs a bakery in the West Bank, has been on hunger strike for two months in an Israeli jail.

He was detained on December 17 near his home in a West Bank village south of Jenin, following claims that he is an Islamic Jihad leader.

Members of the Oxford Students’ Palestine Society and Palestine Solidarity Campaign highlighted the prisoner’s plight with their striking protest in Cornmarket Street yesterday.

They were, from left, Hannah Massih, Livia Bergmeijer, Paladia Ziss, Katie Jones and Becky Worth.

Miss Bergmeijer, 21, who is studying Arabic at Wadham College, said: “We got a positive reaction from shoppers – I think they were intrigued to see us standing there with our mouths taped up.”