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National Election

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Name: Dominic Grieve

Candidate for: Beaconsfield

Party: Conservative

Votes: 32,053


Information submitted by the candidate:

As is clear when out canvassing, this election is unlike any other in recent memory. I cannot remember a time when the public was more anxious about the future or more dissatisfied with the political process. In the light of the financial crisis and the scandal over parliamentary expenses it seems to me that their views are entirely reasonable.

No political party can lay claim to perfect solutions. But I believe that the Conservatives are right to place the emphasis on restoring our economy. Doing this requires us to curb public expenditure and have a strategy to repay the over £1Trillion of debt that will otherwise overwhelm us.

And repaying the debt and maintaining good public services needs us to generate wealth again which is why we will lower taxes on businesses and not implement Labour’s National Insurance job tax that is estimated will lead to the loss of over 50,000 private sector jobs.

In contrast Labour seems content to allow government waste to continue unchecked. This will endanger the future of every item of public expenditure from the NHS to pensions. The solution offered by the Liberal Democrats is one of fantasy cuts in public expenditure and new taxes such as an Aviation levy that would cripple a key UK industry.

We also need to mend our broken society by reducing crime through reducing reoffending and improving education and vocational training to give people better lives.

The agenda is ambitious but I believe can deliver a better future for all. We will bring common sense to bear by properly controlling immigration and reducing the burden of the nanny state that has now been created.

So I hope that the electorate who have so plainly lost faith in the present government will feel able to support us. Hung parliaments lead to instability and uncertainty. We need a new start urgently.

Irrespective of the national outcome, I will continue, if re elected to serve all my constituents.