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Name: Jeremy Miles

Candidate for: Beaconsfield

Party: Labour

Votes: 6,135


Information submitted by the candidate:

I’m not a professional politician – I’ve been a partner in a City law firm, worked with housing associations, worked in business. I am also a charity trustee. I’m standing for election because I want to help move Britain forward, with real life experience.

The urgent issues for us now are the economy, our public services and cleaning up the mess of politics but I am optimistic that we can address the challenges ahead of us.

Like other countries Britain’s economy has had a very hard time. The government’s intervention is slowly bringing us out of it, but growth is the only answer and if we make immediate cuts, we’d risk a return to recession and more jobs lost. The Tory recessions of the 80s and 90s destroyed more jobs because the government sat back when it should have stepped in. We will need to cut spending - but wisely, and when the economy is strong enough to bear it and with our core services, police, schools and health protected.

Our public services, though improved, should be more responsive and yes, we need more community involvement, but we need only look locally to see what Tory public services look like – wasteful, under-resourced and run with a disregard for those who use them. We should build a real partnership between public services and the community, not just cut and run.

The challenges ahead – spreading access to affordable housing and creating a National Care Service are Labour ambitions. They need active government and can’t be built solely on community action.

Lastly, I believe MPs should not have second jobs, that constituents should have a right to sack their MP if they break the rules and that we need a fairer voting system and a fully-elected Parliament. With these steps, we can begin to restore trust in politics.


Jeremy Miles

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