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Name: Andrew Cowen

Candidate for: Beaconsfield

Party: A Vote Against MP Expense Abuse

Votes: 475


My nomination to contest the UK Parliamentary Election for the Beaconsfield constituency seat is NOT a campaign, as I know the Conservative candidate will win. I am standing as a PROTEST. I am contesting this election so that I may voice my dismay, distaste and frustration at the conduct of many MPs during the last Parliament. Last summer, after having been subjected to weeks and months of media reports, describing the audacious allowance claims, made by so many MPs , I became uneasy that a group of people elected into positions of power and trust would behave in such an unprincipled manner. I found the arrogance of MPs, refusing to accept accountability for their actions, and instead, blaming the fees office for allowing their claims to be approved quite distasteful, and shed an illuminating light on their character. I believe that an MP should strive to protect and improve their constituency, help and assist the constituents - putting the community interests before their own and treating the position of MP as a VOCATION, and not as a career ! I don't believe that MPs in the last Parliament were held accountable for their unprincipled behaviour, and that while some MP's did stand down, over 450 are standing for re-election. If you would like to protest at the behaviour of the last Parliament, pleas select : Andrew Cowen - A VOTE AGAINST MP EXPENSE ABUSE