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Name: Delphine Gray-Fisk

Candidate for: Beaconsfield

Party: UK Independence Party

Votes: 2,597


Information submitted by the candidate:

Having followed the family tradition of being a staunch supporter of the, then, Conservative Party in 1997 I read Treason at Maastricht by the late Norris McWhirter.

From then on I would do everything possible to extricate Britain from this devastatingly expensive, corrupt and undemocratic institution which now controls us and into which we had been led by a barrage of lies and deceit.

Sadly, the political class has been only too keen to hide away the still barely understood extent to which it has handed over the running of our country and the making of our laws to that vast and mysterious new system of government centred on Brussels and Strasbourg.

Nothing better exemplified how our politicians are caught by this system, like flies in a spider's web, than the shifty means whereby each of the three main parties weaselled its way out of keeping the manifesto promises of the last election that it would give us a referendum on the EU constitution, otherwise known as the Lisbon "reform treaty". Here was another great surrender of Parliament's power to decide how our country is run, and MPs of all parties were not only happy to agree to it, but treated us all with contempt as they lied about it.

One of the consequences has been the way in which vast tranches of policy-making which used to be the stuff of debate have simply passed into a limbo, where they are no longer properly discussed or even explained.

Farming and the countryside, the fate of our fishing industry, our immigration rules, our laws on employment and how businesses are run, on the environment, on food safety, the regulating of our financial services, including the operations of the City of London – the key decisions in all these areas, and many more, have been handed over to a form of government which is unconcerned with our national interests and almost wholly unaccountable, with consequences which in almost every case have proved disastrous for Britain.