A PUB landlord hit by a car on holiday in Portugal is due to be flown home today.

Stan Hawkeswood, who has run the Queen’s Head in Horspath for nine years, will be flown home on a special medical flight to Oxford Airport in Kidlington this afternoon and be taken by helicopter to Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital to complete his recovery.

It comes 10 days after he suffered a bleed on the brain and broke his leg in two places in an accident while on a golf trip in the Algarve.

About 200 friends and family turned up at his pub on Sunday to show their support.

They also raised more than £1,500 towards the £16,500 medical flight, but the family still doesn’t know if it will be covered by his insurance company.

His daughter Amy Hawkeswood, 27, said: “His condition isn’t any better but they’re getting him right to fly.

“It’s been exhausting and we just want to see him.

“Hopefully he’s going to recover better with his friends and family around him.”

The Oxford Times:

  • Stan Hawkeswood

Friends, family and pub-goers attended the get-together at the Queen’s Head which included a performance by Oxford band Breeze.

Miss Hawkeswood said the support has been overwhelming.

She said: “We didn’t do it as a fundraiser, we just asked people to come for a drink to bring dad home.

“We’ve had a huge response from everyone.”

Sports fan Mr Hawkeswood was with 15 other Horspath Golf Society members on the group’s annual trip to Albufeira.

After a meal out with the group he took a taxi back alone before the accident outside his hotel on April 26 at 1am.

Church Road resident John Hilland, 52, who was on the trip, said he didn’t know Mr Hawkeswood had been hurt until the next morning when he didn’t turn up for breakfast. The group finally found out about the accident after speaking to police and hospital staff.

Mr Hilland said: “We took it for granted that we were going to get back safely but the reality is there’s a fine line between having a good time and getting back safely.

“It’s put a dampener on the trip and we’re just worried for his wife and kids.

“This was the sixth year we’ve been abroad and Stan has not missed any at all. He loves his golf.”

After attending the pub’s event on Sunday, building supervisor Mr Hilland added: “It was an emotional evening but it’s nice to see people are concerned about Stan’s welfare.

“It’s going to be a long road to recovery. He’s had a head injury and we don’t know if his speech or sight will be impaired.”

The family are waiting for medical and police reports before they find out if the insurance company will cover the flight.

He will also be given a medical assessment before he is allowed to leave the hospital in Faro tomorrow.