MUD pies were order of the day for Ducklington Primary School pupils celebrating International Mud Day.

The youngsters got seriously mucky at the Hill End Centre, near Farmoor, as they recreated an Iron Age mudhouse and made mud pies.

Luke Shirley, seven, said: “We were making a house out of mud and straw and putting the mud on top of it. It was really fun.

“I had an excellent time, my favourite bit was when I got really, really muddy.”

The Ducklington resident said: “I don’t really play in the mud normally, but I think I want to more.”

His mum Emma said: “When he came home his clothes were absolutely caked in mud. He had a whale of a time though.”

International Mud Day, which celebrates messy outdoor play, was on Sunday, June 29, but the Hill End Centre extended the celebrations through to Tuesday.

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