Sir – Recently David Cameron has been talking of getting a good deal for the British public to remain with the EU.

He spoke of curtailing in work tax credits for migrants. However because we are bound by EU law this exact same policy would also affect British workers. So the lower paid in the UK would also suffer from this tax credit policy and lose the money. This fiscal policy sounds like a bit of an own goal.

More worryingly is the fact that many EU member states were more than happy to go along with a policy that plainly discriminates against the less well off.

I observed that the EU members were smiling with David Cameron as they blithely agreed to these unfair measures.

Meanwhile the average MEP earns a lot more than an MP and some have been claiming up to £300,000 per year in expenses.

It is, therefore, hardly surprising then that these same MEPs are extolling the virtues of EU membership. They clearly have a vested financial interest.

MEPs sitting in the European Parliament cost three times as much as Westminster MPs at a price tag of £1.79 million each a year. We pay £1 billion a month to be a member of this exclusive club.

The question we need to ask ourselves is are we getting value for money or would be better off making and implementing our own laws and regulations.

Susan Thomas