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Glastonbury Festival hilltop EU flashmob undeterred by mud and rain

Glastonbury Festival hilltop EU flashmob undeterred by mud and rain

Festival-goers formed a flashmob over the outcome of the EU referendum.

10:32pm Sunday 26 June 2016

Cosmetics companies urged to 'clean up act' on plastic pollution

An exfoliating daily wash containing micro-beads

As much as 86 tonnes of tiny pieces of plastic known as "microbeads" are washed into the environment in the UK each year from exfoliating scrubs, research has warned.

12:21am Sunday 5 June 2016

Gordon Brown compares Brexit campaign to Donald Trump

Gordon Brown pledged to keep explaining why nine million Labour voters had most to gain from remaining in the EU

Gordon Brown has compared the Brexit movement to the populist campaign of US presidential candidate Donald Trump, as Labour launched a drive to persuade its supporters to vote to Remain in the June 23 referendum.

12:16am Monday 13 June 2016

Road-building records of successive PMs show mixed results

A slowdown in road building has been put down to the activities of anti-road protesters

Since David Cameron became Prime Minister the average annual increase in the UK road network is just 7% of that achieved under his Conservative predecessor Sir John Major, Press Association analysis has revealed.

12:45am Saturday 11 June 2016

Gatwick pledges to limit residents affected by aircraft noise

No more than 15,000 people would be subjected to 57 decibels, which is the level at which the Government believes "significant community annoyance" begins

Gatwick has pledged to limit how many residents are affected by aircraft noise if it is granted permission to build a second runway.

7:52am Tuesday 7 June 2016

EU membership 'better for public's health'

A report claims that EU membership benefits the British public's health

Staying in the European Union will be the best option for the British public's wellbeing, according to public health experts.

12:16am Tuesday 7 June 2016

Air pollution could increase stillbirth risk, study suggests

Researchers have called for tighter curbs on car exhausts and industrial waste emissions to reduce the risk of air pollutants

Exposure to air pollution may increase the risk of stillbirth, new research suggests.

12:15am Wednesday 25 May 2016

Scrappage scheme to remove dirty diesels 'would have little impact on pollution'

The RAC Foundation urged the Government to focus on investing in electric vehicles rather than launching a scrappage scheme

A scrappage scheme paying to remove the dirtiest diesel cars from the roads is unlikely to have a significant impact on air pollution, analysis suggests.

12:08am Monday 11 April 2016

New London mayor accuses Boris Johnson of schools pollution 'cover-up'

The report says 82% of the affected schools were in deprived areas

Nearly a quarter of London primary schools are in areas where air pollution limits were broken in 2010, according to a report that the capital's new mayor claims was not published by his predecessor Boris Johnson.

5:54am Tuesday 17 May 2016

UK temperatures top Mediterranean but washout threatened in west

Parts of Britain will be hotter than the Mediterranean at the weekend

Summer is set to get into full swing this weekend as parts of Britain bathe in temperatures surpassing the Mediterranean.

11:25am Friday 6 May 2016
Stories 1 to 10 of 1,201
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