SIMON Chadbone said he left Oxford Harlequins because he did not want to become someone whose commitment was questioned.

The Oxfordshire prop captained Quins for three years and spent more than a decade at the club, but has now returned to Wheatley – where he started out.

“I made the decision that I couldn’t really commit to the travelling and training that is required with Quins,” said Chadbone.

“I always said when I left Wheatley 12 or 13 years ago that I would come back at some point.

“The club is five minutes from my home and training is once a week.”

Chadbone prided himself on being fully committed during his years at Quins.

He said: “I was always frustrated with people who didn’t make the effort at Quins and commit each week.

“I didn’t want to become one of those guys.”

Chadbone’s life has changed a lot off the field this year, which he found hard to balance with National 3 South West rugby.

“I have got a new job with more responsibility and recently became a father to Lucy,” he explained.

Chadbone has dropped from level five to level nine to play for Wheatley in the BB&O Championship.

But while the game is far slower and less skilful than he enjoyed at Oxford Harlequins, he has no regrets about the switch.

“Certainly one thing is that I am playing with a smile on my face,” said Chadbone.

“It is quite refreshing to be honest and reminds you of why you played the sport in the first place.”

Having suffered their worst league defeat in going down 90-0 to Weston-super-Mare on Saturday, even the most optimistic Quins supporters must be fearing the worst.

But having experienced more than his fair share of ups and downs at the the division’s longest serving club, Chadbone urged their players and fans not to give up.

He said: “Things are not great with Quins, but I am sure they will sort themselves out.”