JACK Brooks is relieved not to be suffering too much “Pommie bashing” after England’s dismal Ashes series in Australia.

The former Oxfordshire paceman and Oxford Mail columnist is playing for Aussie club side Willetton during his close season with Yorkshire.
And having seen his countrymen trounced 5-0 by Australia after their captitulation in Sydney, Brooks knows he will cop some stick.
“I have not had to put up with too much Pommie bashing yet from the locals,” said Brooks.

“It is quite strange, seeing as the Ashes was so one-sided.
“Maybe they feel I have suffered enough?”

Brooks, who hails from Tiddington, has played for England Lions and would love an opportunity for the full team, who he feels have been a bit unlucky down under.
“I honestly just can’t believe we lost 5-0,” he said.
“Well, after our performances you can, but everything that could have gone wrong, did!
“Australia had spent a lot of time building for this series and a lot of effort, passion and organisation had gone into it and England just didn’t have the answers.”
Brooks added: “I think my coach back home at Yorkshire, Jason ‘Dizzy’ Gillespie, will be a happy Aussie, but I know also with his coach’s hat on, he wanted to see the Yorkshire lads do well.
“He’s not your typical brash Aussie, so I wouldn’t have thought he will be going around Pom bashing in England!”