Oxford Bowls battled back to see off hosts Ashton 4-3 in round two of the Gentworks Oxford & District League’s Atox Cup.

Despite a promising start, Ashton fell away and the visitors took advantage, with John Williams (+20) edging out for Terry Chambers (scr) 75-59 in the final frame.

This made the score 3-3, with Oxford Bowls gaining the extra point due to their higher aggregate score – 426 to 412.

Thame A defeated Riley A 4-3 by the same scenario.

Brendan Ensoll (+20) beat Riley’s Malcolm Bough (scr) 75-66 in the final frame, which meant Thame edged it 398-376 on aggregate.


Atox Cup 2nd round: Thame A 4, Riley A 3; Ashton 3, Oxford Bowls 4; Abingdon Con A 4, Cowley Con A 2.


Section 1: S Aries (Fieldside) 75.

Section 2: T Cook (Cowley Con) 54.

Section 3: M McCluskey (Eynsham) 25.