Energy healer Robert Ginsburg is guest speaker at The Tree Hotel in Iffley, Oxford, on May 26 at 11.30am.

In his talk, Medicine of the Future, Mr Ginsburg will demonstrate his technique of identifying problems by scanning the body with his mind.

It is a method which many worldwide doctors have verified.

Mr Ginsburg uses the power of the mind to activate and direct the energetic forces of nature to treat the patient and he has been helping clients recover from a whole range of health conditions using these pioneering healing techniques for more than 10 years.

He studied with the technique's founder, Russian physicist Nicolai Levashov, for 15 years which helped him to develop his ability.

Mr Ginsburg is the first in a new programme of speakers at The Tree.

The talk will be followed by a two-course lunch and a cocktail in the garden (weather permitting).

For tickets, priced £19.50, see the website or call 01865 775 974. Parking available.