When Katie Griffiths left Oxford Brookes University, she knew she wanted to do 'something creative', but at first she did not think of drawing on the skills she had learned in her holiday job, nor of the joy she had experienced in her grandmother's flower garden.

She said: “I enjoyed my degree but I yearned for a more creative lifestyle. I moved to London worked in the fashion industry but that did not really satisfy me. I had worked in a florists straight out of school, and I decided to move back to that.”

She and her husband, also an Oxford Brookes graduate, decided to move back to Oxford and she studied floristry at Warwickshire College while widening her experience of the trade.

“I worked for a florists shop for a couple of years and I was passionate about weddings — I loved working with couples and that was the part of the industry that appealed.”

Last year she decided to set up her own business, Love From Katie, boosted by a commission for the Oxford Fashion Week show at the Ashmolean Museum.

She does not have an expensive shopfront, but works from a studio in the garden of her house in Howard Street. Her marketing has also been low cost, using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She does not attend wedding fairs, preferring to leave her business card in goodie bags.

“Social media has been massive for me. My first wedding came from a blog I was featured on called Festival Brides. I had one of my first weddings at The Perch at Binsey, then one at Henley, then Ambroseden. They have all been very different.”

At 28, she has no trouble keeping up with the latest trends.

“Styles are constantly changing. Festivals has been a very popular theme, with the DIY jamjars look, but it is moving into something a bit different. Next year it's more rustic chic, with candles.”

Now she is booked up months in advance.

“I have one booking for September 2015. There are some seriously organised people out there. Some plan their wedding years in advance. On the other hand, I just had a booking for two weeks' time.”

She is pleased her hard work building up personal contacts among wedding suppliers has paid off.

“I have four weddings this weekend, so it's built up fairly fast,” she said. * Contact: 07789 170707 Web: www.lovefromkatie.co.uk