One of the delights of any Fringe Festival is the amount of variety you can jam into an evening out. Bearing this in mind, I went down to the lovely Simpkins Lee Theatre (at Lady Margaret Hall, in North Oxford) to sample this venue’s wares — and I was not disappointed. First up was the exotic Flamenco Puro ensemble, with principal dancer Amarita Vargas delighting a very knowledgeable audience with her steps.

Unlike most of the spectators I knew little about flamenco but I was still enthralled.

Guitarists Jeno Ferec and Juan Nameriz also joined in the dancing when not busy thrilling us with their tremendous virtuoso playing, while the passionate voice of Fernando de Sevilla sent shivers running up and down my spine.

Then for something completely different we settled down for the comic stylings of Frimston & Rowett — a lively and engaging comedy duo who have a lot going for them.

First, these two young chaps have great chemistry between them.

Secondly, their comedy is a nicely balanced combination of intelligence, silliness and occasional outrageousness, which keeps the audience as well as the performers on their toes throughout.

Their many quick-fire sketches were delivered with verve and perfect timing. I simply laughed my head off from start to finish.

My favourite item was their funeral service with a twist. I don’t want to give too much detail away about this skit but must say that it is very, very cheeky! Finally, I found it truly remarkable that even though they are still so young they have already found their own unique comedic voice — and that is a rare achievement. I hope these two performers stay together, as their act has great potential. Their synergy was palpable and together they make much more than the sum of their parts.