Artists Sarah Spackman and Linda Bloomfield celebrate their artistic friendship in an exhibition of new work, which opens this weekend.

Dialogues, which launches at the Sarah Wiseman Gallery in Summertown, Oxford, on Saturday, features not only a new collection of beautiful paintings and ceramics, but gives art-lovers an insight into the chemistry between two makers who share many of the same influences and inspiration.

Bloomfield makes hand-thrown tableware distinctive by its satin glazes and subtle colours. She is primarily concerned with form and surface texture, making simple shapes, rounded teapots and bowls, cylindrical bottles and mugs.

Spackman’s strength of drawing and the delicate and subtle use of colour are two of the main qualities recognised in her work.

Meeting by chance at Oxfordshire’s Art in Action festival, the ceramicist and painter found themselves drawn to one another’s work; the two kept in touch and regularly exchanged ideas and work.

Spackman, who lives and works in Oxford, says: “I love the shape and glaze that Linda uses in her ceramics. I find them very paintable. They are also lovely to handle and use.

“There are certain pieces that have appeared over and over again in my paintings.”

Bloomfield reciprocates, saying: “I love still-life paintings like Sarah’s. After meeting her, she started to include some of my pots in her paintings.”

Bloomfield was then delighted to discover Spackman’s passion for ceramics. She says: “I visited her studio in Oxford to lend her some more pots and found she had shelves of objects, ranging from old cider flagons to contemporary studio pottery.”

Spackman has worked with Sarah Wiseman Gallery for more than a decade. Her work is in high demand from collectors both locally and around the UK.

This will be the first exhibition by Bloomfield at Sarah Wiseman Gallery and an opportunity for visitors to see work by the acclaimed ceramicist.

Gallery director Sarah Wiseman says: “This exhibition has been long in the planning and a hugely exciting project for both artists, as well as for us here at the gallery.

“As friends and as colleagues, Sarah and Linda enjoy a connection that is unique to them as makers. Artistic collaborations are a fascinating field in the art world.

“They are a wonderful way for artists to expand their horizons and add depth and new dimensions to their practice.”

Despite working in entirely different media, both artists approach the making of their work in a very similar way.

“Both insist on clarity and purity of colour, with Linda mixing her own glazes rather than using manufactured ones, and Sarah using paint made from hand-ground pigments. They have also found similar artistic influences, such as from the works of Giorgio Morandi, an artist recognised for his tonal subtlety.

“We chose Dialogues as an exhibition title as we felt this summed up Sarah and Linda’s working relationship the best.

“They work independently from one another, Sarah in her Oxford studio and Linda in London. They each have very different technical challenges and demands on their time. However, from their mutual artistic influences, to their meticulous approaches to mixing colour, it is clear from their resulting work that there is a conversation.”