Having recently had two babies within 17 months of each other, my wife Gemma and I decided to use our many waking hours to plan our third baby, our food baby, which we call Hiddn Kitchn. The idea comes from my passion for serving delicious food in unusual places. To create enchanted, memorable evenings, the setting is always crucial. We love places that are quirky and unexpected. Our current location, Dadbrook House, formerly the headquarters of the Dadbrook Gallery, is perfect for a series of fine dining evenings in a popup, al fresco restaurant. Thanks to our exceptionally warm summer we have been able to lay our tables outside, overlooking sprawling parkland where sheep contentedly graze, the air is soft and the trees barely move.

At Dadbrook we have a capacity of 20 people per night. Our intention was always to keep it small so that the atmosphere remains one of the active ingredients. Our guests sit at two long, candle-lit tables and enjoy the unexpected connections they make whilst sampling some original cooking. Such sharing can create a special bond during the evening, and our clientele last weekend included young hipsters from East London sitting next to a couple of Oxford University dons.

I created the menu to bring focus to the ingredients, the local, seasonal produce being of primary importance. I hope to inspire people to be mindful of food and where it comes. Our Dadbrook setting enhances this: the herbs and edible flowers come from local foraging and the kitchen garden, rabbit and lamb are sourced from a local prize-winning supplier.

The menus evoke all the senses, not just visual and taste. We have two signature cocktails to welcome our guests and accompany the canapés. One of them is called ‘Chase the Sunset’ using my wife’s favourite Chase vodka, earthy fermented beetroot and freshly squeezed orange juice.

The amuse bouche, a silky smooth goat’s cheese panna cotta. This is followed by an open rabbit ravioli starter, bursting with lively flavours. Our main dish is an assiette of summer lamb using three different cuts served with salt-baked turnips, lavender carrots and a cauliflower cheese beignet. For pudding we contrast mango bavarois with beetroot sorbet.

We launched at the weekend and found that creating fine dining in a domestic setting has its drawbacks. Luckily sprinting has always been one of my strengths as the distance between the kitchen and the restaurant is a tricky 60-yard dash. And to ensure our London guests made the last train back to London, we had to wrap our petits fours ‘to go’

There will always be ways we can improve but we are thrilled with the feedback about creating something magical and memorable. Tickets: £45

Remaining Dates: Friday 21 July, Saturday 22 July, Friday 28 July

Hiddn Kitchn HQ, Dadbrook House, Cuddington, HP18 0AG barneywrobel.com