I’ve always loved food and cooking, being a Yorkshire man is key.

Something to do with the enjoyment of creating and bringing people together around the table.

It’s a great time to be with loved ones, friends or just a social gathering. Some of the best times are spent eating, drinking and enjoying good company.

My first day working for my first Boss Andrew Pern in my home town of Scarborough was my first real insight into kitchen life. The local game supplier pulling up to the kitchen with a boot full of freshly shot game, wood pigeons, partridges and even a hare. First job for the rookie – skin, feather and prep the lot!

That connection and feel for fresh ingredients bang in season was what hooked me, and I have to say I will never forget the thoughts going through my head ‘this is the job/life for me’

It means I’m very open minded, and as a chef, apart from allergies or intolerances, am open to trying and experimenting with all foods.

But if I’m really pushed my favourite foods are; I love the smell but it needs to be cooked very carefully, and foraged seasonal herbs.

I think it’s great that nature has a larder of unique flavoured items like wood sorrel, dandelion, rock samphire, Douglas fir and meadow sweet, to name but a few. Items that not every restaurant uses but allows guests the chance to see, taste and be inspired by what grows on our shores, and in our hedge rows.

I also love secondary cuts of meat. It takes skill to get the best out of them, prime cuts don’t show the real skill set or creativity, I always match a secondary cut to a prime.

As a chef I love the creativity of taking raw ingredients and, with the support of great team members, evolving food into great dishes. The chance to create pleasure for customers who expect the best level of food and service gives us that sense of satisfaction.

You cannot please everyone, opinions are personal, believe in your food, cook from the heart and be consistent that’s all we can do.

My parents for sure were my biggest influences, from my earliest food memories to principals instilled as a kid and for driving into me to follow my dreams and never give up. I always follow my father’s saying, ‘what you put into life you get back’ I think that goes for all walks of life.

I must also mention all my food mentors. From my Lecturer Ken Allanson - who gave me the confidence as a chef and taught me to be the best I can be – to all the chefs who have trained me through the years; Andrew Pern, Gary Rhodes, Brian Hughson and Michael James all played a part in building my career.

When I’m off, I try to relax, frequent pubs, eat out as much as possible and keep the mind stimulated to the food scenes and trends.

As for my plan for The Oxford Kitchen – it’s simple; keep pushing the restaurant forward and raise it’s already good reputation both locally and nationally.

So I aim to bring his passion for using the best British seasonal produce, both farmed and foraged.I’m going to put my stamp on the food style and evolve the food constantly, and above all keep the consistency… that’s paramount.