I was always destined to work in the food industry, it’s literally in my blood.

My grandad started food manufacturer Hitchen Foods in the 1940s when he was 14, because he was told he wasn’t clever enough to sit his exams at school by his headmaster.

My great grandfather actually bought my grandad a horse and cart, as well as some stock, which he went up and down the streets of Chorley on selling bagged potatoes.

Within a month he had paid for the horse and cart.

The business was then taken over by my dad, so it was inevitable I’d end up in the industry.

It may seem like a far cry from my company East Coast Concepts, but I definitely took a lot from them.

I was always interested by food concepts in America; I was intrigued by quick serves like McDonalds and KFC and decided a visit to the US to experience how ‘the founding fathers’ do it was essential.

I knew I wanted to start out on my own in the food world, but felt I had to go to America to find out more. And it blew my mind.

At that time, I think I was one of only around 10 people in the UK who were fully trained by working in a proper smokehouse in the southern states, which led me to launching Southern 11, an authentic barbecue concept in both Manchester Arndale and in Spinningfields.

Fast forward a few years and East Coast Concepts now boasts 240 staff and three successful neighbourhood venues in Manchester Liverpool, & Leeds

Which brings me on to our Hamptons-inspired Victor’s brand, the first in Hale and now in Oxford.

Victor’s offers a menu of modern American small plates designed to share, with dishes served to the centre of the table, creating a social and relaxed environment.

Our highlights include black cod, lobster tacos, sushi and lamb cutlets presented on a kongo grill.

When the Westgate was developed we jumped at the chance to take over the busiest rooftop spot overlooking the beautiful scenes the city has to offer.

As a brand, we are ready to take the next step and set down roots in the south, and Oxford is the perfect new home for us.

Even though there’s space for 120 diners, an extensive bar, as well as an outdoor terrace with views over Oxford, we have kept that intimate feel with the wisteria decor and art deco touch.

Our mission is to offer guests a luxurious yet accessible dining experience, the quality and range of our menus is unrivalled.

Everything we do is to the highest of standards and we are about more than just outstanding food – it’s the entire experience.

From brunch to when the lights go down and we become a vibrant bar, we want it to be memorable for our customers.

Victors Oxford opens at The Westgate Centre next Friday. Go to victors.co.uk