For a long time Oxford has been filled with some quality restaurants, good cocktail bars and a huge array of student bars and clubs.

With Sandy’s Piano Bar, we’re aiming to create something a bit different by giving the people of Oxford the chance to enjoy high-quality wines – 25 of which are available by the glass – all sourced from The Oxford Wine Company; top cocktails with highly trained bartenders; and entertaining, interactive live music.

We take our music seriously. There are live acts every day of the week. And the name Sandy’s Piano Bar is quite literal; we have a piano which you can sit around.

If you grab the best seats in the house you will be right next to the pianist, who will hand you some notes to write requests. Our aim is to play what you want to hear, not what we think you want to hear. We have two acts on every night, and three at weekends, to entertain you until 3am.

After the success of our first six months, we are now developing a food menu for our customers. We are looking to bring in top end charcuterie and cheese - something to go with your wine or cocktail while listening to our professionals on the keys. Like our music, wines and cocktails, the quality of our food will be our main priority.

Sandy’s is part of The Oxford Wine Company. Our new retail shop is right around the corner on Turl Street, so if you’re looking for something specific, we can go around to the shop and pick something up for you.

Our staff at Sandy’s are what also make us unique in Oxford. We like to think of ourselves as helpful and efficient, and have the credentials to prove it. Our bar staff have years of experience in the trade, and two are trained by the industry benchmark Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

Anyone can make a cocktail and put some music on at home, but when you go out, you’re there for top class service and an experience. And that’s something that I find is lacking in Oxford.

We have tried to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable with the environment, your drink and your place at the bar.

Having a late-late license means that nobody’s night has to end at midnight. We’re giving people a chance to continue their night without having to shout over Justin Bieber blaring from the speakers, or having to avoid the Vodka & Red Bull spilt on the dance floor.

We see ourselves as the perfect venue for pre- or post-dinner entertainment. A place for people to begin or continue a night out with a great glass of wine or a well-made cocktail. There have been some great new restaurants opening in town. We like to work closely with them as we complement each other well.

The first six months of Sandy’s have been a great success, and we’re looking forward to becoming a fixture of Oxford’s bar scene.

* 4 King Edward St, Oxford