The first official heatwave since 2006 and everyone is looking for ways to cool down.

Every child on the street is licking on an ice cream or lolly. Why should children have all the fun? I say, get out the juices, add a touch of spirits and enjoy an ice lolly with a kick.

Here is a twist on four frozen cocktails that will keep you refreshed during this heatwave. Don’t worry if you don’t own lolly moulds. You can use either glassware, or disposable plastic cups, as I did. If you don’t have a tongue depressor or lolly stick then use the plasticware you were given from your last takeaway.

First off... a Frozen Gin & Tonic — what could be more British? The secret to keeping it frozen is not to use too much alcohol. A little goes a long way.

Ingredients: 15ml gin, 15ml sugar, zest of lime, 10ml lime juice, 80ml tonic water. Mix the ingredients. Take everything except the tonic and give it a good stir until the sugar is completely melted. Then you can either add a spoonful of crushed ice or a splash of water. Slice a lime, put it in your mould, add your ingredients, pour the tonic in last. Cover with foil, add your “handle” and stick it in the freezer.

My next suggestion is the easiest of the lot — a Dark & Stormy.

Ingredients: 15ml rum, 10ml lime juice, 20ml sugar, 80ml spicy ginger beer. Like the G&T, mix all the ingredients except the ginger beer. Add the ginger beer after you have put your mixture in the mould.

One of my favourites is a Pina Colada. If you want a healthier version, swap the cream of coconut for coconut water and use skimmed milk instead of cream, but add a spoonful of sugar or honey to sweeten.

Ingredients: 20ml rum, 30ml cream of coconut, 10ml cream, 60ml pineapple juice. squeeze of lime.

Finally, a Tropical Fruit Punch. This started as a frozen cosmo, but I had too much fruit that needed using, so for this recipe, anything goes.

Ingredients: 15ml vodka, 15ml grapefruit juice, 20ml orange juice, 5ml lime, 60ml cranberry juice. I put fresh mango slices in the mould before adding liquid. Let these freeze for at least five hours and enjoy.