Hemingwayart, in Cassington, is hosting a charity auction of a wide range of works of art in aid of three charities: Helen and Douglas House, Oxford Children’s Hospital Fund for Children and Magdalen Road Studios. The first two need no introduction; the third is a charity providing studio space for just under 30 artists, including space for young and recently graduated artists who would otherwise find it difficult to find affordable space.

Artists from the studios have donated 25 pieces for auction. Each piece takes as its starting point the phrase ‘How are you’. This familiar question can be a conventional pleasantry, or highly personalised when directed at close friends, or clinical and investigative — as when asked of children receiving hospice or hospital care.

In Communicating Suite Kelly Dunagan captures beautifully the strengths and fragility of the lines of communication that connect us as we try to ascertain how others are. The piece is composed of four small canvases in ink and acrylic on linen. Each canvas features telegraph wires and or their poles. In one, a confident vibrant green background sings out, while the others — in more muted colours— possess a more tentative, fragile feel.

In Nick Maitland’s oil on canvas, A Part of Apart, two little bodies sans heads skip optimistically forward, exuding health and joie de vivre, apart from their obvious missing organs.

Paul Medley’s Leek Head, (right) is a lovely photograph with all the qualities of a classic still-life. A single stem in full flower stands proud and strong, undermined only by its terminal status as a cut flower.

People are invited to view the work on line at Hemingwayart or at Pennwood House, Pound Lane, Cassington, Oxford, OX29 4BN between March 25 and April 1, Thursday to Sunday 2-7pm. Bids can be placed online at www.howareyouauction.com or in person.