In Greek mythology, the sirens were alluringly-voiced females who enchanted passing sailors.

An appropriate name then for the stunningly talented West Country folk-rock duo of Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood – aka Sound Of The Sirens.

But while the captivating spirits of the sea lured the unwary to their deaths – dashing them on the rocks and drowning them beneath the waves – these sirens’ hypnotic performances are likely to sooth your soul with their blend of intoxicating vocal harmonies and beautifully crafted instrumentals.

On Sunday they wash up at the Bullingdon, Cowley Road, Oxford as part of a tour to promote gorgeous new album This Time.

“Our music is emotionally charged and lyrically raw,” they tell us. “We’ve been friends for a long time now and there is great synergy between us and this is reflected in our music.”

What can we expect from the show? “Energy and lots of it. Stories in lyrics, hooks and chat and a harmony... or two or three.”

And, they say, two voices are definitely better than one. “Two voices can perform the same song in completely different ways. Blended voices can have so much impact on the audience and alter a song entirely.”

The album features the song Awakening, which sees them imitating famous double-acts from Laurel and Hardy to Wayne and Garth, while accompanied by beautiful tones and harmonies.

“We had a lot of fun making the video for Awakening,” they say. “A weekend spent dressing up as duos, driving around Exeter and laughing far too much!”

This Time is the follow-up to their acclaimed 2017 album, For All Our Sins, and showcases the same approach to crafting unique, vivid and enduring melodies. “This Time is a collection of moments, emotions, challenges and stories,” they say.

“We’ve collected lyrics, melodies and ideas from the past couple of years for this project. We created this album last winter in an isolated barn in Wales with only guitars, a piano, wine and the dogs for company. The themes of time, love, loss, perseverance, hope and clarity are intertwined in these songs. We hope that our music lures you in. Listen to the sirens’ call... like Ulysses!”