South Oxfordshire math-rock quartet Bright Works have got a problem.

The lads today launch the video for their new single Up, exclusively us... but on the condition that we help find all the people who took part.

Indie-rockers Pete Hughes, Liam Amies, Paddy Harrington and Charlie Green shot the video entirely on mobile phones, mostly in and around Oxford: the city centre, on the canal, at Cornbury Music Festival and their favourite pub - asking 100 people to say the word “up”.

The thinking was that if they got all 100 people’s details, they could rely on them to share the video online, acting as a huge free publicity machine.

Unfortunately, the bashful band, more used to crosswords and cappuccinos than swaggering up to strangers, were so nervous, they forgot to ask for names and details. Now they are hoping to use social media for the reverse process – tracking down all 100 contributors through Facebook.

Guitarist Pete explains: “We would go up to complete strangers and say ‘Hi there – really sorry to bother you, me and my band are shooting a music video for our next single and we’re shooting it on mobile phones.

"The song is called Up, so what we’re doing is asking 100 people to say the word “up”, would you be happy to do that?’ “We perfected the art of sliding up to people with an ingratiating smile and persuading them to take part. The most surprising thing was how willing people were.

“The easiest people to approach, if you’re a guy in a cool band, is a pretty girl, so we hit the hotties pretty hard, and festivals like Cornbury are a pretty easy place to find flirty fillies. But we also tried homeless people (we really should have given them some money in retrospect); groups of lads on tour and middle-aged couples. We would have loved to have loads of kids in the video, but we felt like we didn’t want to be four guys wandering around asking parents if we could film their children on our mobile phones.

“The finished product is almost unwatchably jerky and awkward, but we’re hoping that if we use social media to find our 100 stars they might like it anyway.”

Watch the band's video below....

* If you spot yourself, your mates, your mum or anyone else - other than the band themselves, of course - contact Bright Works via Facebook, here...