It’s been a long time coming, but then you can’t rush perfection.

And while John Hoggarth is far too modest to claim such accolades, the collaborative process culminating in Fragment, has enriched the many actors and artists who helped craft it.

A musical journey about a 50 year-old man’s midlife crisis, a cross between A Christmas Carol and High Fidelity, began as a research and development project for drama students and has now turned into a bona fide play, which John hopes will then go out on tour.

It is also a benchmark by becoming the first in-house production at The North Wall, so ticks lots of boxes.

Fragment incorporates six songs, performed by acclaimed songwriter Dom Coyote, alongside an extensive script, the resulting an hour and a half, known as gig theatre, bridges the gap between music and drama, therefore coercing a whole new audience to attend.

“The songs remind you of heartache and first love, so are very evocative and emotional, and accompany this story about a man reflecting back on his life and what he has achieved since he’s left the North East of England.

“It’s about his trials and tribulations, the trauma he has endured, his regrets and loss which then reflects back on the audience. So it is a redemptive and cathartic piece. It’s not just about a grumpy man in his 50s.”

And how old is John? “Ahem, 50 this year. And yes it is sort of biographical because I have used lots of scenes and snippets from my own memories, so Fragment is peppered with biopic.

“But then I come from that area of the North East, Redcar, which is on the coast near Middlesbrough, which was an industrial centre for the steel industry when there was work.

“I left there to go to drama school and never went back, but my parents are still there and I love returning.”

Which does beg the question what took him so long to get Fragment finished?

“There was other stuff going on as a co-directer of The North Wall with Ria Parry happens to be my wife.

“It just had a long gestation period,” he shrugs. “But it means Fragment is of a really high quality and we are really proud of it.

“It resonates with people of all ages because the story is about love and regret.”

Even younger members? “The young audiences we have previewed it to have been from all walks of life, and all have been really moved, because it is fundamentally about the human condition.

“The general reaction has been really emotional. People have really connected with Fragment, and that whole “who am I and what am I doing” question. So it is an exciting evening.”

“But what is even more exciting is that this might be the beginning of something for the North Wall which prides itself on being a real centre of professional development. So to get work out on the circuit and on tour which would impact on the industry and become a commercial successes would be really exciting, as there is already another show in the pipeline ready for next year. I really hope people support them by coming to watch this.”