I had thankfully come prepared with tissues for I’m About to Lose Control and I Think Joe Lycett because it took less than three minutes before I was wiping away black tears of laughter from my cheeks, on this sell-out date of the comedian’s Oxford show.

His usual razor-sharp wit was in full force; and as such my mascara was simply no match for his scathing quips.

Famed for his arguments with unwitting victims over email, he lives up to expectations live. What may seem at first as ridiculous bun-fights are qualified by his explanations for doing so, which indeed make logical sense.

He takes us through prime examples of his mischievous use of social media, showing us some of his fake profiles as well as explaining how he has got himself into trouble with a certain bank. Getting into these intellectual scrapes is something Joe makes a routine of – and it sounds like excellent fun.

With the crowd clearly expecting the savage sarcasm he’s known for, it was an unexpectedly tame joke that got one of the biggest laughs, playing on our presumptions and surprising us.

Those in the audience confident – or stupid - enough to interact with Joe themselves provide good material with which to to improvise. He shouts out questions and later gets us to send in lewd twitter suggestions on an unmentionable theme.

He tells a series of seemingly unconnected exploits throughout, but all are shown to be hilariously connected. He also subtlety demonstrates his softer side to the audience, from the way he has signed every program, how he warmly praises his supporting act Heidi Regan, to the causes he promotes and stands up for.

His childish humour is belied by his obvious intelligence, making us all lose control in the best possible way.