Interior architects’ firm Monteith Scott has completed a design project as part of a £5.5m state-of-the-art office and production facility for advanced composite experts, CTG.

The new 120,000 sq ft Composite Centre of Excellence in Banbury, will accommodate the company’s rapidly expanding workforce.

CTG is a global supplier of systems and services to the aerospace, clean energy, medical and automotive industries.

The company, which was acquired by United Technologies in 2012, has seen its workforce grow from a small core to about 200 staff.

This is expected to rise to 350 in the near future as demand for carbon fibre components increases.

Previously working from five locations in and around Banbury, employees will now move to the new facility over a six month period.

Manufacturing lines will be the first to relocate to enable the company to maintain production and cause minimal disruption.

Office space takes up 30,000 sq ft of the building, which is set over two floors. The new development brings departments together in a bid to create a more cohesive and collaborative workforce. CTG also aims to open up the centre to educational services such as schools, colleges and universities.

The new centre is essential to further the company's ability to innovate new products in its current as well as future industries.

Working alongside project managers, Birmingham-based Monteith Scott has designed a more efficient space.

CTG hopes to see its output increase by more than 80 per cent per square foot, wasted space lowered by more than 30 per cent and improved linkage and flow increased by 50 per cent in comparison to the old sites. Derek Matthews, design director at Monteith Scott, said: “The main aim of this project was to accommodate a large majority of CTG’s production process under one roof to make operations more efficient, which in turn will help to increase productivity.

“CTG’s former facilities had to evolve to meet the process requirements. However, as it was effectively starting from scratch, the company has been able to introduce a much more linear process and remove any inefficiencies the workforce previously experienced.”

Dominic Cartwright, managing director at CTG, said: “The new development not only makes our operations more streamlined and effective, it also helps us build for the future. This investment enables us to position the business for long-term growth.

“Innovation is at the heart of the business and being one step ahead of the competition is critical.

"Creating the Composite Centre of Excellence means we have brought together teams that have previously worked on different sites, so improving teamwork and synergy between departments."