PUPPETEER and author Emma Boor pulled all the right strings in a creative session at Oxford’s Story Museum.

In her new Bookworm show, Ms Boor showed 30 adults and children how to make their very own funny-faced hand puppet.

Ms Boor, 39, from East Oxford, said: “I like to create as much joy as possible by making ordinary objects extraordinary and showing adults the best way to play with the under-fives.

“It can be quite tricky if you’ve got a mortgage to worry about!”

Ms Boor said the show on Saturday followed the adventures of a bookworm who eats children’s books all day long.

She will be at appearing at events across Oxfordshire in the coming months, with her next show, The Tree Restaurant, held at the Pegasus Theatre on Sunday.

Ms Boor’s shows are suitable for children aged four to seven.

For more details visit pegasustheatre.org.uk