THE Oxford Town and Gown 10k race will see more than 3,000 people take to the city's pavements to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy.

A team of 11 from a personal training company in Summertown are just one group taking part this year, and they have put together a team of clients and trainers to tackle the race and raise cash for a good cause.

Chris Hall started up Hall Training Systems in 2011 and said the group, made of people of all ages, were looking forward to taking part in the race on May 15.

Chris Hall, owner of Hall Training Systems, said: "We all decided to run Town and Gown because we have a lot of people saying I would love to do something that but I'm not fit enough.

"We wanted to highlight to these people that they can do it, regardless of fitness, age or ability - we've even got someone doing it in a wheelchair.

"I've seen my clients do absolutely brilliantly even without training and I'm sure we'll all be able to do it on the day. We're all looking forward to it.

"It's obviously a brilliant cause to be doing it for too."

Muscular Dystrophy works with the 70,000 people living with muscle-wasting conditions in the UK and brings together people affected by more than 60 rare muscle-weakening and wasting conditions.

Mary Newsham, 66, is running as part of the group and says she is looking forward to taking on the challenge.

She said: "I am running the 10k because my aim for this year is to do a 10k race each month and to run 10k in under an hour, so I am hoping to get closer to that time.

"I like that distance as it's long enough to feel you have had a good run but not so long it gets boring."

Jessica Milligan said she thought running as a group would inspire her to cross the finish line.

She said: "I'm running because I love the feeling of taking parts in events: the celebration of everyone's training coming together.

"I also run much faster with the atmosphere and so I'm hoping to run it in under 53 minutes but we'll see."

The cost for the 10k race for an unaffiliated runner is £25 and £23 for an affiliated runner. This is open to those aged 16 and older.

Costs for the 3k run, which is open to those aged between nine and 15, costs £12.

Muscular Dystrophy UK is also looking for volunteers to help out on the day, which would involve tasks such as handing out water and marshalling the start and finish lines.

To find out more email: or call Muscular Dystrophy UK on: 0207 8032884.