New research into the future of the British property market has mapped out a prediction of what the average house price will be in the county by 2030.

Online estate estate agents conducted research into property values in the UK from 2000 to 2015 and discovered the price of properties had increased by 84 per cent in that time.

eMoov continued to apply the same increase across each area of the UK in order to calculate just how the average property will cost in 15 years time.

According to their calucations, an average-priced house in Oxfordshire in 2030 will set you back a stonking £693,623. 

London took the top spot in terms of the highest value, with an average house in the capital costing in excess of £1m by 2030. 

The average house price in England is predicted to reach costs of £457,433, with only places such as Merseyside, East Riding of Yorkshire, and Durham estimated to fall below £280,000.

The Oxford Times:

Founder and CEO of eMoov, Russell Quirk, said: "The past 15 years have seen extreme growth in the price commanded for UK property, as well as a crash as a direct result of this inflated growth.

"Although this research is only a projection of what may happen by 2030, it is safe to assume that with prices continuing to spiral beyond affordability, history could well repeat itself.

"Although rising prices are always good news for current homeowners, it’s extremely worrying to look at the difficulty many have in getting on the ladder at the moment, let alone with a price jump of 84% by 2030.

"This map highlights just how dangerous this current artificial inflation of the market could be in the long run, it’s not just London that will become beyond the reach of the average UK homebuyer, the issue will spread the length and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales."