AN alleged sex abuse survivor protested outside Christ Church as the Rt Rev Steven Croft glided past in his gown for his inauguration service today. 

The man, who asked to be called 'Michael', claims rape offences committed against him in 1984 were repeatedly ignored by Revd Croft, after he finally found the courage to expose his abuser.

He lodged a formal complaint of misconduct against the Bishop earlier this year to the Church of England, for safeguarding failures, and said it was "inappropriate" that the inauguration went ahead.

He said: "He will never know what it took to tell him, or the hurt he caused by doing absolutely nothing.

"He has got such a thick skin to walk through the streets thinking he is above the law. In any other profession he would have been sacked.

"I absolutely expected him to act. I'm angry and frustrated and disappointed - I just don't understand why nothing was done."

Michael, whose alleged abuse took place in Bradford when he was a teenager, said he told Dr Croft about his ordeal three times between December 2012 and June 2013, while he was Bishop of Sheffield.

He said: "It took a lot of courage to get here and stand with a banner. I've never protested before."

Michael handed out leaflets about the safeguarding complaint - which was also made against four other senior clergy.

He was joined by a high-profile sex abuse victim, whose case brought on the Elliott Review, who goes by the name of 'Joe'.

Joe said: "There are issues of denial and silence and blanking. It's quite shocking. We are now pushing to make really major changes, but it's slow progess. We want them to hold their hands up and repent."

Dr Croft said: "Child sexual abuse and exploitation are serious crimes and I recognise the profound and long-lasting impact such abuse has on survivors.

“It is, of course, vital that Michael receives the right pastoral care and support in respect of the alleged abuse in his teenage years.

"I accept that Michael does not feel he received the appropriate support and action in 2013. I regret this and I am committed to exploring what happened further.

"Some aspects of the cases are still subject to police investigation and church disciplinary procedure."