THE death of plasterer Wayne Curran who died after the car he was driving crashed into a tree on his birthday was an accident, a coroner has ruled.

Tests found several drugs in the 37-year-old's urine including MDMA, cocaine and methadone but coroner Darren Salter said he couldn't determine what effect, if any, they would have had.

Oxford Coroner's Court yesterday that Mr Curran was found dead at the scene of the crash on July 31 off the A4074 at Berinsfield near the roundabout at H Cafe.

The inquest heard that he was driving a friend's black Renault Clio following a meeting with friends at the Shepherds Hut pub, in Wallingford, on July 30.

It is not known exactly when the crash happened but the car was last recorded at 10.15pm along Abingdon Road in Oxford.

Collision investigator said he believed the car was traveling at about 50mph and there were no signs of braking so concluded it could have been due to 'loss of concentration, sudden illness, fatigue or something similar'.

The inquest heard of the plasterer's history of depression and drug addiction following his mother's death in April 2013 but could not conclude how the evidence of drugs may have affected Mr Curran at the time of his death.

The coroner did rule out the possibility of suicide.

Mr Salter said: "It was unwitnessed so we cannot say exactly how or why this happened.

"We can see that there were no problems mechanically speaking, no problem with the location or anything of that nature. The vehicle didn't negotiate the left hand bend and came off the road and into a tree."

He concluded it was an accident.