OXFORD University has been forced to deny speculation that it is to launch its first ever French campus when the UK leaves the EU.

The Daily Telegraph first reported today that Jean-Michel Blanquer, former director general of the French ministry for education, had confirmed that plans for the new international campus were under way at University of Paris-Seine.

The move was reportedly a direct result of Brexit and will see the new campus launched in 2018.

Mr Blanquer told the newspaper: “The idea is symbolic, to say after Brexit we want to build bridges and that academic life is not totally dependent on political problems.

“We want to say to British universities it can be a win-win game for you.

“To have high quality institutions from the UK working in our territory, interacting together in terms of research and collaboration.

“We are at the beginning of the process so that by 2018 we are in a position to guarantee these things.

“The main idea is to get European funding through co-operation with the UK and other European institutions.”

A University spokesperson, meanwhile, told Oxford Mail that there were no plans on the table for a foreign campus.

Stephen Rouse said: "The University has received several constructive and helpful proposals from European colleagues since the Brexit vote.

"We are not, however, pursuing the model of a campus overseas.”