FROM the minute it opened, it was obvious the secret was out. At a time when, it seems, we can’t move for new burger places opening, there was still a buzz over the launch of the latest – Tommi’s Burger Joint. And we couldn’t wait to find out why.

Occupying a coveted spot on the edge of the dimly-lit Westgate Social food court, this branch of the small Icelandic chain faces the outside world – clearly visible on the corner of Castle and Norfolk Streets – making it feel part of the city, and bringing light flooding into this hip little corner.

The first thing to learn is you’ll need to time your visit carefully. The queues were huge at lunchtime so we popped back mid-afternoon when things were still busy but a little calmer.

And it was immediately obvious what sets this apart from the rest: greeted with a big smile we gave our order and sat down at the counter over, wait for it... delicious pints of craft beer (Goose IPA). There is also good whisky (including Makers Mark) – making it the perfect bolthole. The phrase 'man-creche' was mentioned by some wag nearby.

The food came quickly – a lively team of chefs buzzing around the grills, throwing huge patties of beef and rashers of bacon around, sending sheets of flame into the air.

We went for classic burgers (£6.90), which came topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, ketchup and mustard. I also ordered extra cheese (75p) and bacon (£1.25) – which was well worth the extra expense, despite nudging the price to restaurant levels.

The burger (all Scottish beef) was thick, juicy, cooked to medium, and spectacularly good – certainly the best I have tasted in Oxford.

The chefs are keeping a tally on the wall of diners who proclaim their burgers to be the best they have ever tasted. There are already a good number of notches – and for good reason.

We also had fries (£2.95) and, best of all, sweet potato fries (£3.75). The fries were light, crisp and plentiful and a delight teamed with chipotle – though you are invited to customise your own meal with an array of about 25 sauces, pickles and toppings – including atomic-strength chilli, Sriracha sauce, Guinness sauce, gherkins and crispy fried onions.

I can’t wait to work my way through them all!